5 Star place reviewed by our friends




 Have you had the experience when travelling that you cannot decide where to go? Not only is there too much information available from many different guides, but it is hard to tell which are trusted recommendations and which are commercial.

Hitohira is making a map purely of recommendations from trusted friends and retail partners, locals from around the globe who know their area more than anyone. All reviews will follow a set of rules which are listed below.

- Only 5 Stars

 We are reviewing only the best places to visit, all establishments will be 5 stars. Sometimes reviewers will rate negatively because of trivial matters or a non-English speaker or menu. Our reviews are recommendations that a local would make and enjoy regularly, true local experiences that are perfect in their own way.

- Manner

 There are many local customs and manners seen throughout the world. With so many travellers now visiting local establishments, there can be misunderstanding for both the visitor and the owner alike. In Japan, for example, there are manners taught from a young age which are uncommon to tourists, this can create stress for all parties. Our reviews will give local tips and try to teach manners if there is anything specific required.

- Education

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why a place is loved by so many, when visiting just once. Our reviews will help explain some of the reasons such as ingredients, history, environment or personality.

Here is the google map of our reviews (the reviews are listed under Hokuto Aizawa but may be authored by others).




Hokuto Aizawa (HITOHIRA - Tokyo, Japan)

President of Hitohira, born and raised in Japan. Lived in Hokkaido (Hakodate), Osaka (Minou), Kanagawa (Kawasaki) and Tokyo (Asakusa), Canada (Toronto) so far.
Food/ drink: Japanese traditional style restaurant, Izakaya casual dining, Sake and beer. Also, love Hamburger. 
Shopping: Knife related, lifestyle, antique, crafts, or something weird.