Hitohira is retail and wholesaler for the Japanese knife, tool, and stones. Hitohira was created by an experienced and passionate knife user and seller Hokuto who has worked extensively in Japan and North America. We are also a source dedicated to sharing and educating knife enthusiasts on the proper use and maintenance of their knives and other bladed tools. 


Our Brands

Hitohira carries:
Hitohira, Tsubaya, Morihei, HI-CONDITION, Daitoku, Hitsuru, Ajikataya, Takeda Hamono, Hinode, Fujiwara Yoshiaki, Shiraki, Genkai, Tsukasa, Mutsumi, Higonokami, Iwasaki, Yoshiaki Doi, Kalita, Misono, Masahiro, Shigefusa, Tsukasa, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, and more...

Our Partners

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Our Group

Hitohira is the founder of the world sharpeners union

Our Videos

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Shipping costs are 30 USD for under 300 USD purchase, Free worldwide shipping over 300 USD by DHL.

The item(s) will be shipped after full payment is confirmed.

International Shipping Terms and Conditions

- Please purchase edged tools in accordance with the laws of your own country. We will take no responsibility if any of our items you bought are confiscated (seized) by customs. Please inquire with your local customs about regulations and duties.

- We do not send a manual with our products, but please don't hesitate to email us to know the characteristics, method of use or further information regarding the product.

- Please notify us immediately of any damage or loss of a shipment. We will inquire with the courier, however, the investigation may be a long process. You can repurchase the product and we will refund you the payment immediately after compensation is granted.

-For wooden products, there is a risk that the item can crack during shipping due to changes in the environment, we do not refund the product or shipping costs for this reason.

-For bladed tools, there is a risk that a blade can bend due to changes in the environment, temperature, atmospheric pressure or humidity, we do not refund the product or shipping cost for this reason.

-Please be aware that we do not have a full edge on the blade to protect it during the shipping process, you can sharpen the knife so that the edge will be sharper once you have received the product.

Please read more about our policies here:

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Company profile

Headquarters: 4-27-16, Higashi-Yurigaoka, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 215-0012, Japan
E-mail: info@hitohira-japan.com
Web: https://hitohira-japan.com/
Business: Retail and wholesale for the Japanese knife, tool, and stones.


Contact us for any question, future collaboration, and wholesale request.