Many people believe that smaller knives must be cheaper because they cost less and take less time to make. The reality is they take a similar time to craft, although sometimes it is actually more difficult to make smaller knives for technical reasons.

Regardless of this, we had tried in the past to make smaller Jiro knives much less than their larger counterparts in an effort to make them more affordable.

Jiro recently mentioned that he wanted to put the same amount of time and soul into every single knife he makes, regardless of size or type. He said he felt sorry for those waiting on smaller profiles because he hadn’t produced enough of them recently.

As a result of this we have decided to raise the price of Jiro’s smaller knives, this includes his Petty, Santoku & 180 Gyuto. Please ask your Jiro retailer about how much this will be, we hope that you understand that we are trying to be fair for both the buyer and the blacksmith. We are committed to improving our products at all times.
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