Matt, Steven, Joey, Brian from Tosho Knife Arts and Osada san from HI-CONDITION

Thank you for everyone who showed up at the pop-up with HI-CONDITION at Tosho Knife Arts on the last weekend 20 - 22nd.

We were really happy to see everyone during POP-UP, here is some pictures took by Mr. Yuji Osada the president of HI-CONDITION.

Tosho followers Jean drive all the way from Calgary for POP-UP. Thank you for your support!

It is always nice to meet people in person and explain what craftsman think to make crafts, I believe there is a passion that you can feel just when you talk in person. 

We were really happy to see HI-CONDITION knife roll that has been used by the chef.


He likes food enough to have tatoo also HI-CONDITION Knife Roll Tosho Edition!

Many Japanese people showed-up too, they knew his work from their friends, what a small world!

First-person who showed up at POP-UP, he worried if there is line-up. Thank you very much!

Tosho's Neighbor CHAVETA COFFEE got two aprons as uniform. Please check out if you visit Tosho Knife Arts.


There were much more people who showed up and support us, thank you all, we really appreciate all these support!

Because we are so happy to meet all these people at the pop-up, we extended untill 29th. Please visit Tosho Knife Arts if you are around to check HI-CONDITION product, also some amazing knife from Jiro, Togashi and Kikuchiyo!

Some knife from Jiro, Togashi and Oboro still available at Tosho for a pop-up!

If you come to shop at weekend 28-29th, Osada-san and I are visiting the shop again and Osada san will make custom made leather tag to everyone who owns HI-CONDITION items. It won't happen anytime soon, so please visit even if you just want to check.

 Get your own leather name tag hand-stamped by Osada-san

 This amazing custom made leather knife roll still available at Tosho!

We are waiting for you at Tosho Knife Arts for 28-29th!!