We really appreciate everyone who supports Jiro's work. We need to announce that we decided to increase price for Jiro knives that we receive after 15th January 2023.

 Right now we are in huge inflation and needed to raise prices for almost every knife because the material, abrasive and shipping costs are raising a lot in the past 6 months. But we also need to raise his price for a different reason too. Because he is focusing to deliver his knife to more users for the past 4 years, he didn't raise the price even if he steps more processes for better quality than before. Because of this daily improvement, we deeply believe that his knives got much better than in the beginning.

 He could make smaller increases in the price by focusing to make more quantity, however, the direction that Jiro wanted to go is focusing on quality even if the price increase is bigger than other makers. 

 You can use the same knife for over 20 years if you can use it without any trouble with the blade. His dream is that every people who got Jiro knives in hand enjoy his knife for over 20 years until there is not enough steel to use.

Please understand that this is necessary to become the next step of Jiro's knife-making and make his life enough stable as a kitchen knife maker.

 Jiro really appreciates your support, he thinks about how happy he is every day because of your support.


Yo Handle + 40%
Wa Handle + 30%

* Please understand that we are not changing the price for price of products that we released in the past. So there will be a price difference between the same shape that was released before and after the price increase.