Our local store support during COVID-19

To support the local knife store, we offer a drop-off delivery to the customer, but sales still go to the store.

- How does it work?

If you find any items that you want to purchase from our website, and not available on any store listing below. Please tell the store about your address and the product URL. They will purchase your items for you through our website. We will use DHL or EMS for delivery, but please check the shipping carrier condition before asking a retail store.

EMS (info)
DHL (info)

Please understand that the store may charge for the shipping cost which is around 15-30 USD for one knife, and you may need to pay duties. Please discuss this with the store staff.

Now it a difficult time for the retail business, but I hope you can support the local store and find some good tools that you can enjoy at your home!

Look a bright side when you are in the dark, so you will not lose the exit.

The HITOHIRA products drop-off shipping is available through these retail stores but please ask them before using this option.



Supporting local stores is our policy from the beginning!

If there was no storefront and nobody explaining how great the knife, sharpening and cooking culture is to me, I would have never understood as much as I do now.

The feeling when I first time to touch the culture made me decide to support this local business who is trying to teach this culture to the people. So since when I start supplying our items, I focused to supply to the retailer who has a storefront or planning to have one near future. 

These days are difficult situation especially for the retailer who focused to store sales because they need to keep the storefront and lost the main sales source. The online-only business might increase sales, but it makes me so sad if there is no local store after everything became normal.

I hope our drop-off delivery support these retail store who support your cooking life.

- Hokuto Aizawa