01. Japanese Knife and Kitchen | KAISEKI APPRENTICE JON

Jon Klip is talking about Japanese Style Grip and about Japanese Kitchen. Enjoy Video! 

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When I was school, my parents and teachers often told me that manner and posture are more important than becoming good at what I am doing. You can find this thought with many Japanese cultures such as calligraphy, tea, Karate, Kendo... When you start to learn any of these, teachers always teach greeting and posture at first and doesn’t matter how good you are, if you can not follow what it should be, you won’t be good at this.
When I was a kid, I didn’t like this part of the culture, I thought food just needed to be delicious, fighters just needed to be strong, doesn’t matter how you do.
After growing up, I start to realize that most of these “Posture” has all reason that pioneers founded spending a long time. If you don’t follow these, you may find a problem in the future. If you focus on lifetime skills, following this posture might less risk for the future.
Because of the long history of culture, even Japanese are often forgetting why we need to follow what it has been. Jon Klip is digging and teaching us why these Japanese style postures are existing and how good it is still to follow.

- Hokuto Aizawa (Hitohira)


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