Kambei is more than a master sharpener, his work extends the individuality of a blacksmith and increases its value and performance, giving a great experience to the user.

In the past, the main focus of the sharpener was just to make an edge sharp, the beauty and function of specific shapes were not as important as today. Kambei took sharpening to the next level, encompassing shape and sharpness, polishing choil and spine nicely whilst maintaining a thin edge and accurate Shinogi line, for both single and double bevel knives.

This is a challenging technique as forged steels have many shapes and characteristics, Kambei is probably one of the only sharpeners in the world able to consistently sharpen forged knives to this standard in.

Sharpening station next of bed

Create eel knife Urasuki by sharpening generaly makes by hummerin these days

Kambei is respected and supported by many blacksmiths and knife finishers in Japan. Although he has been working since the 1980s, teaching his own techniques to many famous sharpeners and is considered a “master” by many, he still feels he is proving his skills and making new techniques, each knife is a new challenge he dedicates himself towards.

A mix of steel and stone created by Sharpening a long time

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