In this video I am peeling Daikon radish using a traditional Japanese Usuba knife. There are two different types of Usuba. One is Kanto Style which is mainly used in Tokyo and has a square tip. The one that I am using on the video is Kamagata Style which has a rounded tip, this type is mainly used in Kyoto and surrounding areas.


Kamagata Style Usuba

Kanto Style Usuba

Daikon radish is used often in traditional Japanese food and is a really popular vegetable to make garnishes with. In this video, I am making Tsuma which you will usually seeated  under Sashimi to support the fish and also provide freshness.



Katsurmuki peeling technique is a must-learn skill if you work in a Japanese restaurant. Without strong knife skills it is impossible to move on and learn new things. I find the only way to be better to Katsuramuki is with lots of practice. Like many things in the Japanese kitchen, volume is crucial. Perfect practice makes perfect when it comes to learning Katsuramuki. Please be patient. My knife skills still have a long way to go too.


Jon explains about Katsuramuki at end of video

Please enjoy the video!


This article was written by Jon Klip. Please visit here to see his recent work on Instagram.