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Hitohira Kimono Knife Roll Large (8 Pocket)

Hitohira Kimono Knife Roll Large (8 Pocket)


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Kimono Knife Rolls are created by HITOHIRA using Japanese traditional new or new-old-stock Tanmono which is cloth for making Kimono/ Yukata, traditional Japanese clothes. These clothes are made from either cotton, polyester or wool depending on the knife roll.

When you take a knife out, you can tighten the roll with the band to keep your knives secure. You can also use knife roll as knife shelf to hang on wall or door with a towel rail. I can only make around 6 knife rolls from each Tanmono cloth, so it is difficult to make the same one twice if the cloth is vintage (new old).

– These Knife rolls are made from vintage or new Tanmono cloth, it is washed before we make the roll, but sometimes you can still smell the incense used to protect it from moths.

– We put in water these Tanmono before we make the rolls, but some of the materials are not delicate. Please use cold water when hand washing or hand washing mode on the washing machine, and please do not dry in direct sunlight.

– When you store knives in the knife roll, please make sure the blade is in an edge guard such as a Saya. (we explain how to make a Saya with newspaper below)

– For wool products, please use detergent for wool.

Pocket length - (ABOUT) about 31cm (It fits with 30cm knives with Saya)
- I checked every knife roll to fit with 180mm Deba×1, 270mm Gyuto ×2, 150mm Petty×2 and 300mm Yanagiba×3 with wooden Saya from Cutlery Tsubaya (Wooden sheath) if your knives are smaller than these or if your knife with edge guard size (in total of each one side of Height + wide) is smaller than pocket width, it will fit with this knife rolls.

*We're unable to pay back or replace the knife rolls because of your knife can not fit with knife rolls.

Kimono Knife Rollは、包丁・道具のウェブサイト『ひとひら』の製作している、和風な包丁巻きです。





大サイズ 8ポケット(大ポケット×3、中ポケット×3、小ポケット×2)ポケットの長さ- 約31cm(刃渡り30cmの柳刃がちょうど入るようになっています。)


Detailed Spec

Brand: Hitohira ひとひら (一片)
Maker: Hokuto Aizawa 相澤 北斗
Producing Area: Tokyo/ Japan
Product Type: Knife Roll
Size: Large
Update: March 20, 2023

*Measurement and photos are from sample I picked up randomly, please understand that each item(s) has unique profile and colur because of handmade and natural materials.

*Please understand that we are supplying as wholesale and selling it at the website at the same time. If you purchase item(s) after supplied to the retail shop, this might be out of stock.

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