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Tou (籐とう) Knives are produced by Hitohira and Cutlery Munemasa. Using blue #2 steel and forged by traditional blacksmith Honjoji 2nd from Sanjo, Niigata.
Ebony and buffalo horn handle is limited edition.

Maker: Munemasa x Hitohira (Asakusabashi, Tokyo/ Japan)
Name: Tou (籐とう) Knives
Signature: Honjoji 2nd, Munemasa, Tou
Blacksmith: Honjoji 2nd (Sanjo, Niigata/ Japan)
Date of manufacture: 2017
Material: Hitachi Yasuki Blue #2 soft iron clad
Handle: Ebony and buffalo horn octagonal (Limited edition)
Type: 180mm Honesuki-Custom Utility, 180mm Honesuki-Type Utility
210mm Honesuki-Type Utility, 210mm Deba-type Utility, 240mm Gyuto
270mm Kiritsuke Sujihiki, 300mm Sakimaru Sujihiki
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Tosho Knife Arts 
(Toronto/ Canada)
Ai and Om knives (Vancouver/ Canada)
Tsubaya (Tokyo/ Japan)
Munemasa (Tokyo/Japan)



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