Tokyo Knife Tour




HITOHIRA offers to guide you through the knife industry in the East side of Tokyo.

The guide had spent 3 years living outside of Japan, and speaks fluent English and Japanese.
We realize that many people choose wrong kitchen knives, woodworking tools and whetstone/ natural stones because of the Japanese language barrier.

So we offer you a chance to tour knife, tool and stone industry around East side of Tokyo. The guide is affiliated with a kitchen knife shop in Kappabashi, a hunting knife and rare knives shop, and a wood working tool and natural stone shop in Asakusabashi.
All of these are great shops but if you don’t speak Japanese, you might not able to purchase what you really want.

The basic price of the tour is 20000 JPY per group (Including lunch cost for the guide if it is under the 2000 JPY), 9AM to 6PM, you can pay by cash when we meet.
Please give us the following information by Email at ” ” or you can use the template below.

1. How many people want to join the tour (We prefer less than 3 people at one time)
2. When do you want me to guide you?
3. Otherwise (another place, other items, anything!)

Please feel free to ask any questions, I will not able to do the guide after I leave Japan, so it is only this 2017 summer time (Or maybe a bit longer)!

Thank you!

*We are not able to bring you some workshop as blacksmith, sharpeners or any knife/ tool makers, this tour is for the person who actually want to purchase. Please understand this, thank you!





1. 参加人数(当方としては、3人以内が都合がよろしいです。)
2. 希望日程
3. その他(そのた希望場所、その他買いたいもの、ご自由にご記入ください!)





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