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      HITOHIRA offers you the chance to choose your own natural stones. Recently, many shops and people are trying to sell natural stones, and many people are collecting them. Two things I learned from my masters were that the most … Read More

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    Vintage Narutaki Tomae (1950-60)

    Vintage Narutaki Tomae (1950-60)

    The vintage Narutaki Tomae is a medium fine stone, with medium to fine grit. It is free from any toxic lines or inclusions. The cutting speed is quite good, producing mud easily without the use of a Diamond plate or Nagura.

    The stone is perfectly suited to sharpening kitchen knives. The cutting edge off the stone is toothy
    yet polished finishing with water or light slurry. For single and wide bevel it gives a very even finish with a darker gray soft steel and hazy mirror finish to the hard steel.

    Works well also with Japanese woodworking tools but seems better suited to kitchen knives.

    Our supplier Morihei is one of the biggest and the most trustable natural stone shop working more than 80 years in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. Morihei’s stone has a tracking number, and as long as the stamp is there, you can ask about information of stone from Morihei.

    Also, these descriptions were wroten by Ivan Gomes Fonseca who is co-owner of Tosho Knife Arts, recently working for knife maker in Sakai as professional sharpener and adviser. Has 20 years experience working with the whetstone.

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