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    Blue #2 Tsukikage Honyaki Gyuto

    Exclusive line for Tsubaya Maker: Secret Name: Blue #2 Tsukikage Honyaki Signature: Tsubaya Date of manufacture: 2016 Steel: Blue #2 Honyaki Type: Gyuto Price 210mm 205,200 JPY 240mm 216,000 JPY 270mm 237,600 JPY Handle: Ebony octagonal with buffalo horn Come with ebony saya Please contact … Read More

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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    Tou Knives

    Tou (籐とう) Knives are produced by Hitohira and Cutlery Munemasa. Using blue #2 steel and forged by traditional blacksmith Honjoji 2nd from Sanjo, Niigata. Ebony and buffalo horn handle is limited edition. Maker: Munemasa x Hitohira (Asakusabashi, Tokyo/ Japan) Name: … Read More

    not rated ¥60000