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    Hisamoto (Morihei) Vintage White #1 Mizu-Honyaki 210mm Usuba

    This Hisamoto White #1 Mizu-Honyaki is old stocks from Morihei located Asakusa-bashi, Tokyo.

    Since his older generation, Morihei stocked many tools, knives and natural stones in huge storage, and because storage is too big, sometimes, they lost items and find at very later, this knife is one of the old stocks from that era.
    The knife is made by Masatomo which was located in Taito-ku, Tokyo, from over around 30-40 years ago. They were one of the last blacksmiths in Tokyo, got retired in the 2000s.

    not rated ¥140000
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    Vintage Shigefusa Kitaeji Usuba 210mm

      Maker: Shigefusa/ Tokifusa Iizuka (Niigata/ Japan) Name: Vintage Shigefusa Kitaeji Usuba 210mm Signature: Hiroshige Munemasa Date of manufacture: Around 1980 Type: Usuba Handle: Ebony Octagonal with Buffalo horn (Cracked) Price: Contact  Tosho Knife Arts Shop: Tosho Knife Arts (Toronto/ Canada) Web: … Read More

    not rated ¥190000